Are you ready to retire? Are you in the workforce, hoping to retire in the years ahead, wondering how you'll have enough to do it comfortably? Have you recently come into some money? Whatever your reasons for getting in touch, we'd be delighted to help you invest your wealth wisely and plan for the future. We always take the time to really listen, to appreciate your circumstances and your goals. We always take the time to make sure you clearly understand everything we discuss. We always put you first.

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    Meet the team

    Milton Wigdorowitz is the principal of GMP Financial. Milton’s career in wealth management began in 1978 in South Africa, beginning his own financial planning practice in 1982. Milton moved to Australia in 1999 with his wife Rosalie and after a brief stint working at Westpac they founded GMP Financial in 2001. Milton is a Certified Financial Planner and has a Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning from Griffith University.

    Milton has made financial planning his life’s work because he gets immense satisfaction from it. “I really enjoy watching people grow their wealth over the years to meet their goals,” says Milton, “it’s extremely gratifying.”

    Milton combines decades of experience and a through grasp of personal finance and retirement planning with a real knack for proper listening, clear communication, and friendly professional customer service.

    At GMP Financial we know that while technical expertise is crucial to everything we do, we also know that on its own it’s not enough. We take the time to understand not just how your circumstances look on paper, but what you’re really looking for out of life. We also take pains to be sure that you fully understand everything that’s going on in your financial strategy. This is a collaborative effort after all: it’s your future we’re building. This attitude towards customer service permeates through the entire team at GMP Financial. For all that the numbers and calculations can make financial planning seem a dry business, we never lose sight of the fact that everything we do is ultimately about serving very human needs.

    Milton is supported by a team of office staff and technical specialists. Milton also deals with lawyers, accountants and other professionals that he can recommend to you should the need for one arise.



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