Are you ready to retire? Are you in the workforce, hoping to retire in the years ahead, wondering how you'll have enough to do it comfortably? Have you recently come into some money? Whatever your reasons for getting in touch, we'd be delighted to help you invest your wealth wisely and plan for the future. We always take the time to really listen, to appreciate your circumstances and your goals. We always take the time to make sure you clearly understand everything we discuss. We always put you first.

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    Your life is shaped by decisions you make.

    The decisions leading up to retirement are particularly complex.

    Having a good decision making process is essential so that you can consider your options.

    As part of my process, I help people evaluate these options. This usually helps you focus on the things that matter.

    Questions that can help guide you with your decision making process:

    • Do you have a defined set of priorities that you want to accomplish in your financial life?
    • Do you clearly adjust these goals as your resources change?
    • Have you assessed your resources and identified which of your goals can be reasonably accomplished now?
    • Do you have a specific way to prioritise and discuss changes in the future with those you love?

    Once you have clarity regarding your priorities, it is prudent to model the trade offs.

    For example, should you be paying off the mortgage or making additional super contributions?

    Trigger Events and Decisions

    The Financial Planning Association of Australia and their publication Delivering Excellence, refers to Trigger Events, such as changing jobs or receiving an inheritance. These are times when important decisions need to be made.

    Furthermore, you may not readily associate non-monetary events, such as relationship changes, as circumstances that affect your financial goals, when in fact they can majorly impact your financial situation. Without clearly defined prioritised goals it can be easy to be swayed in the wrong direction even when intentions are good.

    Trigger Events often accelerate the decision making process and these are especially times when you should be taking advice from your trusted Financial Adviser and not rushing into what could be a bad decision which could have consequences that resonate far into your financial future.

    To ensure you are prepared for your Trigger Events and ultimately take charge of the Shape of your Future:

    • Set and Prioritise your Goals.
    • Identify your Resources
    • Speak to your trusted Adviser to help you model the trade offs of your decisions.

    I have helped hundreds of people with their decision making. If you are having difficulty prioritising and evaluating your options and goals, or you are ready to model the trade offs of your decisions, please contact me for a complimentary one hour appointment:

    Milton Wigdorowitz of GMP Financial:

    Phone: 03 9913 0590 or 0414 829 414




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